Hi boys, this is “Tello” a new quadcopter by DJI, its weight is 80 grams and its size is about 10x10x4 cm, it’s a very cheap drone (€ 100 or less online). Tello have a slot where the battery is inserted, each battery costs around € 18 for about 10 minutes’ flight time. The propellers are easily replaceable with others of different colors and have a plastic bumper to protect them. This drone is of excellent quality, it’s produced by DJI a famous manufacturer and has a video camera that produces 720p videos and takes 5 MP photos. The quadricopter is equipped with 802.11n wifi to connect a smartphone, there are sturdy landing feet, an on / off button and a system of optical sensors that look at the ground to understand the position of the drone so that Tello is very stable without having a GPS. With an app on your smartphone you can watch cam “live” and take photos or videos. Tello does not have a memory card on board, every photo and video is stored on your smartphone. Tello can also be programmed with block code (Dronblock is a Scratch type software on Android) so it’s also useful to learn “coding”. Tello have a usb jack to charge battery. Online you can buy, other propellers, spare batteries,  external chargers and new controllers, and also a wifi repeater to amplify the signal. Tello’s flight is very precise, it’s easy to drive it at home or outside in windless days.


Antonio Vasco.

Link where to buy Tello and other thinks.

Wifi extender





Tello Ryze